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19 Aug

BCB Drive (18th August 2017)

Yesterday I presented Drive on BCB Radio. Listen back at

20 Jun

The PhilMein Show with Jacob and Goliath

Listen back to my BCB Radio show with an interview with Jacob and Goliath plus music from FFS, Jenn Bostic [&hellip

16 May

Catch up with my week in radio!

What shows have I been on this week? BRADFORD BAP Listen back to Monday’s show including an interview with Gem [&hellip

8 Aug

Radio Updates

Over the past week I’ve been working on lots of radio stuff with my friends. Head over to for [&hellip

3 Jul

Want A Voiceover Artist?

If you would like a new voice-over artist for your radio show, advert or whatever why not drop me an [&hellip

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